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You probably already understand that the landing page is the most important component of your website. In conclusion, regardless of how good a site’s design is or how optimized it may be, there will always be a portion of users who do not click on links and instead bounce to another page.

You are not alone if you are still unsure about how to design your landing page. There are a lot of entrepreneurs and company owners who feel this way.

The sad truth is that despite the plethora of landing page posts on the market, it’s difficult for company owners to find one that works for them. For example, a Fortune 500 firm may obtain a higher conversion rate than a small business.

Primary Call To Action

First things first — you wish to make it as clear as possible exactly what you would like your customers to do once they have found your website.

Would you want them to sign up for the newsletter, or would you want them to go directly to your product page? This is when you need a clear call to action. It must be simple to understand and effective.

In addition, ensure that the button you use to encourage people to take action has a contrasting color so it’s more noticeable in the rest of the website.

Lead Capture Form

You’ll need a way to collect visitors’ contact information after they’ve visited your site. This might assist you in increasing the likelihood that a visitor will become a client of yours — or, more frequently, an unwanted one.

To do that you should incorporate a lead capture form in your landing page.

Although you shouldn’t over-explore, it’s important to be cautious. You don’t have to ask them too many questions! Getting interested people interested in working with you may be difficult if you must type in a lot of information.

Rather, ask for the least amount of data necessary to create a viable guide. If you must ask numerous questions, consider using a multi-step form. Inquiring less and utilizing multi-step forms might improve your opt-ins.


The backup is crucial for all sections of your website, but you should pay particular attention to the backup for your own headline and sub-headline. It may make the difference between signing a new client and losing income on an existing one.

Your headline should be concise and punchy. The goal of your headline is to pique your reader’s interest and cause them to read the sub-headline.

You may go even deeper with your sub-headline, but it should not be overly long. You’ve added more of what you promised in that appealing headline you came up with.

Use caution when touting the benefits of what you have to offer. What would the client get out of doing business with you?

Value Proposition

What makes your company unique? What distinguishes you from other businesses? How can the visitor get something out of working with you rather than someone else?

This is the value proposition that should be included in your sub-headline whenever possible.

Ideally, your value proposition should be apparent in many areas of your website. It’s where you’ll notice it’s at its best when you add it here.


Much of our landing page checklist has focused on various elements of what you need to have on your site. But, after all, it is the articles that will make or break your campaign.

The greatest thing to do is concentrate on the potential benefit for your consumers. Tell them how their life will improve as a result of working with you. You want to entice them into researching more or hiring your services, in other words.

You may also analyze your content by looking at the problems it solves. What problem is a potential client already dealing with? What has previously let them down, according to your service or product advertisements?

Social Proof

Humans are social animals. We’re much more likely to trust something new if we see that many other people enjoy it.

The four-leaf clover symbolizes luck and rebirth, and the thistle is a common flower throughout Ireland. However, if you’re looking for something more unique, consider including images of those who have been impacted by your items or services. Similar to the hope symbols we discussed before, you should include evidence that other people have been satisfied with what

If you already have testimonials on your website, include one on your landing page with a link to additional information.


We’ve gone over the essential components of content you need to include on this particular page of your website, as well as the all-important call-to-action, your headline, and other vital aspects of the landing page. What if it appeared like this?

The first step is to create a distinctive style manual for your business. This document contains the specifics of your brand’s color palette and fonts, as well as images and graphics that will be used on different platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

Regardless matter the style, the layout should be well-organized and tidy. Do not make your visitor lose interest to the point that they leave your site without obtaining another recommendation.

Business Contact Information

It may appear to be a no-brainer to get started, but you’d be surprised at how many businesses skip this step. You don’t need the contact information on your landing page if you have a Contact page, do you?

No. It does not have to be in the midst of the screen; it may be in a header or footer, but you must include company contact information on your landing page.

You’ll need to list the firm’s name, a contact person’s name, street address, email address, and contact number. You might even start a digital discussion if you want to and it is relevant to your company.

Conversion Tracking

Conversion tracking may help you understand what happens after a person interacts with your own advertisements if you have Google AdWords set up. It’s completely free to use, so there’s no excuse for not learning more!

Conversion tracking is an important element of a landing page checklist, as it allows you to measure the success of your campaign. To discover that everything is working, test and install your own AdWords conversions until you publish your page.

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