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Link Building Specialist

The process of obtaining backlinks, or one-way hyperlinks (also known as “backlinks”), to a website in order to improve search engine visibility is referred to as link building. Content marketing, creation of helpful tools, email outreach, broken connection development, and public relations are all examples of popular link builder tactics.

Why Are Links So Important?

Back in the day, search engines like Yahoo and Alta Vista (who?) Were king. They also rated their search results completely based on the material on a page.

Input: Google.

The PageRank Algorithm revolutionized matchmaking when it was unveiled. Instead of just evaluating a website’s content, Google looked at the number of people who linked to it.

They were flawless. Twenty decades later, links are still the most reliable method to determine a website’s quality. That is why Google continues to favor backlinks.

Google, on the other hand, now prioritizes hyperlink quality (not just link quantity) as a result of improvements such as Google Penguin.

Metrics that identify links that are actually worth building: 

Authority of the Page 

Authority of the Site

  Relevancy of the Site 

Link’s Position on the Page

Is the Link Editorially Placed?

Link Anchor Text

Link Co-Occurrences

Nofollow .vs. Dofollow  

Class Links With Content Marketing

Use Visual Assets (Image, diagrams, infographics)

List Posts- A numbered list of tips, techniques, reasons, myths

Original Research

In-Depth Guides

Links With Email Outreach

Find Likely Linkers

Find Their Email Address

Send Them a Personalized Script

Black Hat Link Building

No manual to building links will be complete without a chapter on black hat SEO.

The easiest way to identify a black hat link is by looking for signs of poor quality. An example of such a sign would be an unnatural number of backlinks originating from the same source (like ten).

Is that to say you should never use black hat hyperlink construction?

That is a choice you alone can make. Personally, I don’t believe in black hat link building (the risk just isn’t worth it). However, it’s your call.

Whether you’re a white hat or black hat SEO, you need to be aware of the consequences that Google may impose on your site.

Best Link Building Strategies

– Resource pages are websites that link to outstanding material on a certain issue.

-Rather than simply requesting links, you add value to someone’s website using Broken Link Construction.

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