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Your site is like a vehicle. Some features should be viewed and interacted together: your page copy, pictures, pictures, videos, shape matches, navigation, etc.. These are similar to an automobile’s paint job, body, dash and inside seats.Then there will be the hidden elements of your website — your robot.txt file, your CSS, HTML and JavaScript files, your own backend settings, etc.. Such as the gears, valves, tubes, gaskets and other parts under the hood of a car, they are not intuitive or pretty. But they’re central to the functioning of your site.


Indexing is the way you tell Google that of your pages that you need to appear in search results, and that you need to exclude.Some pages — such as your merchandise pages — are helpful to a searcher. Others — such as an order-processing webpage — aren’t. 

You merely need Google to rank the most helpful ones. The pages which are not helpful to someone looking for the internet will probably be factored into how search engines rank your website. Other pages you May Not wish to indicator include:Any copy pages on your website or involving multiple web attributes you have. Thank pages.

Making search-friendly URLs

Your site URLs should be simple to comprehend for search engines and individual users equally. Long, inscrutable strings of scrambled letters and figures communicate no information about a webpage

Page speed

How fast your pages load is an immediate rank element? Additionally, it is an indirect standing variable — slow loading times raise bounce speed (number of users that leave after seeing one page).That is why it’s very important to some) examine your webpage rate utilizing the Google PageSpeed Insights tool (b) requires steps to maximize webpage rate to prevent standing penalties and higher bounce prices.

Mobile friendliness

Google prioritizes the cellular version of your website for indexing and ranking. This implies its bots take a look at the cell version prior to the background version.For the most part, cellular SEO is just like desktop SEO — but with a couple of key exceptions. Namely, your pages will show differently on cellular than on a desktop computer. It is your job to guarantee they load nicely across various devices and they don’t interrupt the user experience.

HTTPS encryption

If you do not use HTTPS encryption, then browsers will tag your pages rather than stable, search engines will punish you and users may eliminate confidence in you.HTTPS stands for Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure. It indicates to a person that their browser link to a site is secured using encryption. To put it differently, it prevents an interloper from tampering with the link between a user’s browser and your site.

Schema markup

There are two Kinds of Site markup Which Internet publishers can use to structure data so it’s more Readily understood by search engines:

Semantic: helps search engines comprehend structure of this website better (e.g., name label ( headers, etc.). 

Schema: helps search engines better contextualize topic matter (e.g., the gap between”Avatar” the film versus an avatar within a program ).

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